Introduction and disclaimer:
   Some of my friends kindly have remembered that areas like COVID19 are my specialty as a Comparative Pathologist cum Epidemiologist from University of California.
Anthony Fauci was my supervisor at NIAID during the HIV-AIDS massive emergency funding of grants.
Here is my take on it:

   First problem is the ongoing Central Power and its having disbanded the Wite House Health Emergency Desk. (That was Mr. Genius #2 Bolton).

  Second, and also related to the Central Government, is the persistent misinformation, incompetence but worse mendacity and stupidity. Of course, I am excluding Dr. Anthony Fauci, the truthful expert but already beleaguered figure.

  Ignorance in the overall USA’s population confuses the 5 essential terms, interrelated at times but very different:

  … healthy, infected, affected, diseased and, of course, dead.

  A great proportion of the population, for now, remains healthy. Children are almost completely refractory, young people mostly but not totally refractory, but able to transmit the virus if infected and symptomless. Many adults are beginning to be infected: they get the virus, may transmit it, either with mild or no symptoms whatsoever.

  …some, the affected, present relatively minor symptoms, mostly unpleasant. Self quarantine. Then the sick 😷: Still mostly able to take care of themselves at home, self quarantine. The exception is our elderly age group (my own, at 78) whose sickness may become complicated particularly for that enormous proportion of the population in USA that are extremely unhealthy. Look around!

  In all of this there is the problem of no insurance, attacks on Medicaid, and the established idea of running to emergency hospitals which would saturate the system. Big trouble!!!! And the lack of sick leave and vacation in a great number of USA employees and workers (including me in my former hospital employment)…

  …and then the dead. But no matter what overall mortality is still relatively low, tragic none-the-less, even of for the diseased but a very serious possibility in the specific feeble population.

  Now, epidemics diminish in the following ways: virus already attacked all the “attackable” individuals; mortality “emptied” the number of those attackable; and, survivors, it seems, becoming protected. But also, dramatic measures, even if exaggerated, break the circle of contacts thus also diminishing the attackables out-there because they are not THAT MANY out-there. And of course vaccination when available. Here comes the other tragedy: even before this Central Government, the USA has systematically become not adept at the production of vaccines and it’s close and essential relative, production of diagnostics. And this Central Government has increased the problem by refusing to let the countries that know how to do it to supply us with the diagnostics that we need; i.e. the German companies, ready to go but not allowed to go in the USA.

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