Larvatus Prodeo©, The Interview will Leave You Amazed
New Book reveals an enduring series of events as discussed in a widely-viewed interview with the author

Greer, SC – (Release Date TBD) – The worlds of espionage and science can influence any nation’s affairs, both internally and externally. When the stakes are high, many things out of the ordinary can happen and even alter the course of history. In the new book Larvatus Prodeo©, The Interview, author T. Manning© reveals a long series of fictional events that parallel reality.

Larvatus Prodeo©, The Interview follows the enduring story of Dr. Carmine Barre©, whose life and achievements become a hot topic of investigation and debates. The book begins with an extensive interview on the author conducted by famous talk show host Moraima Willco, who believes that the character of Barre is based on Manning himself. The author emphasizes to Willco the concepts, plot and details of his book Larvatus Prodeo©, complete with a biography of Barre, who believes that that sudden explosion of human AIDS could not have occurred without enormous geopolitical and ecological interventions. Barre’s career, as readers will discover in this volume, leads him to getting involved with the intelligence service, academics, and to witnessing the international scientific misbehaviors with the international smuggling of genetically engineered viruses in vaccines, a repeat of the equivalent misbehavior by the same scientist in the 1950s with the polio vaccine. Interestingly, the narrative investigates Barre’s reappearance and eventual expose’ causing a great uproar. As the storytelling and interview unfold, the book also reveals interesting details about the author’s research and achievements.

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