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June 6, 2008


The recent release of “Recount”, an original HBO’s movie, airing May 26 – to July 06, 2008, both in English and in Spanish, brings up the sad story of the 2000’s Forida fracas in the presidential elections, and all its dire consequences. But it also brings attention towards the pusillanimity that was so manifest amongst some, not all, the upper echelons of the Democratic Party (DP) during the whole episode. It is such pusillanimity that candidate Hillary Clinton and her team have NOT shown in this campaign although, again, echelons of the DP wanted her to quit ahead of time. All I can say now watching the movie and reacting the way the 2000 presidential election was stolen in Florida, is that Ms. Clinton would not have yielded so early faced with such fraud neither in FL in 2000 nor in OH in 2004.