COMMENTING ON NEWSWEEK’s This Won’t Hurt a Bit By Sharon Begley Mar. 5, 2010

This is an excellent summary, but summary only, of the horrors of unnecessary medical procedures. The premise that “we have the best medicine in the world” as republicans proclaimed in the Blair House summit, is changed by this article unto “best invasive medicine in the world”, perhaps. One of the most unnecessary and overused procedure with enormous costs and social consequences that was left behind, though, is the enormous number of elective cesarean operations. They may be prestigious to obstetricians who become de facto surgeons and money makers, to themselves and their hospitals. But they increase costs and eliminate unnecessarily a natural procedure, a desirable participation of women in their own destiny, and dampens the acquisition of an extremely valuable skill, which midwives have, amongst physicians and nurses.

Manuel J Torres-Anjel DVM, PhD

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