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God and Science

September 2, 2012

There is a pervasive confusion here. All of those famous scientists (see below), and more, including Dr. Francis Collins, the present director of the National Institutes of Health, and director of the human genome project, all of them, and without the fame I include myself, are, am, believers in God. So, against what some confused fundamentalists preach, science and God are not incompatible concepts. On the contrary: God is the origin of science, and the scientific mind is a precious gift of God. That is completely different from accepting what some literalists want to sustain: one is not to deny the evolution of knowledge, including biblical knowledge, that by definition evolved: from Old Testament, to New Testament, from polygamy, slavery, revenge and war to peace and love and sitting with sinners and publicans (instead of condemning them), and invading Romans, and Samaritans, and eunuchs and black Ethiopians, and women of the night. Christians evolved from walking on sandals, to driving automobiles, from living only 40 years average, to over 80 years of age, from decaying teeth, to preventive dentistry, etc. All of that with God’s guidance and support. And science… Perhaps one could agree with letting our pastors preach us, and scientists teach us in perfect and Christian harmony and respect. Jesus Christ, who even as a child taught in the Temple, but allowed physicians and writers and fishermen and agriculturalists and women come as part of his team, each one with defined responsibilities in his earthly time and after his departure. 50 Nobel Laureates and Other Great Scientists Who Believe in God