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December 11, 2013

2013PrezObamaSelfie1 ƒPMofDKHelle-Thorning-Schmidt BbIsT9ZIQAAsXRj 2013PrezObamaSelfieScoldedLeave him alone. He has enough having to deal with four scolding women at his WhiteHome (Mrs. Obama’s faces, yes, say, it all). These were three young people, all of them Heads of Government, our stressed President also Head of State, trying to have a minute of relaxation, as Mr. Madiba knew how to have when, in all occasions, as a real South African, he started to dance and sing, by the way and very rare in that gorgeous country, off tune. By the way, Helle-Thorning-Schmidt, the successful PM of Denmark also has enough of abusive opposition from her own opposition in Parliament, and otherwise. Of the troubles of the PM of the UK we need not to narrate here. Leave them alone…