Yes, ladies, as I well suspected it, this extraordinary writing and photography are from the physician and Mexican-Nayarita PAN Deputy Leopoldo Dominguez González, nicknamed Polo. He wrote this letter (in Spanish) on behalf of all us other men. I declare solidarity with it, line by line, and I have translated (free translation) it to English to spread it even more. Thanks VictoriaEugenia Perez.

Dear female friends:

We give a f… how much you weigh. It is fascinating to touch, hug and caress the body of a woman. Weight, does not give us any effect!

We have no idea what a waist is. Our evaluation is visual. I mean, if it is shaped like a guitar it is good. We do not care how tall you are in inches [or centimeters]. It is a matter of proportion, not measurement.

The ideal proportions of a woman’s body are: Curvy, fleshy, feminine … That kind of body that in a single glance one identifies [as belonging to a woman] without doubt and in a split second.

The skinny girls parading on fashion shows, follow the trend as designed. Their fashions are, quite simply, the attacks of body haters because they can not have such bodies.

There is no more irresistible beauty in women that femininity and sweetness. The elegance and good treatment, are equivalent to one thousand Viagras.

Makeup was invented for women to use it. Go, use it. To walk in a straight-washed face, you have us, …it is what we are.

The skirts were invented so you can show off your magnificent legs. What the f… is the purpose of your being logged clogged with baggy pants? To have yourselves confused with us?

A wave is a wave, hips are hips, period.

If nature gave them that curvaceous look is for something and I reiterate: we like that.

To hide these curves, is equivalent to having your best chair packed in the basement.

Let us understand it once and for all: try to be liked by us, not by you yourselves [members of your own gender], because there will never be an objective reference of how cute you all are coming from woman to woman. No woman will never recognize in the in front of a guy that another woman is pretty.

The body changes. Grows. A woman of 40 or 50 years, which does get clothes of when she was 20 or 25 years, either has development problems, or is self-destructing.

We like women who know how to balance their lives and know how to manage their natural tendency to self-blame.

That is, those ones that when they have to eat, eat to win (the diet will come in September, not before); those ones when on the dieting mode, diet wanting (not sabotaging or suffering); the ones that when they want to be intimate partners, do it wanting; the ones that when they buy something they like, they buy it; those ones when they have to save, they save.

Some lines on the face, some stitches in the womb, some stretch marks, do not take away their beauty. They are war wounds, testimony that they have done something with their lives, that they have not spent years in formalin or in a spa. They have lived!

The female body is the proof that God exists. It is the sacred place where we all hatched, where we fed, we rocked, we inadvertently filled it with the stretch marks, and other things that had to happen for us to be alive.

Look after it (your bodies). Look after yourselves. Love yourselves. Beauty is all that, all together.

Signed = We Men

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