2017Now, against Sweden, too?

2017 Now, against Sweden, too?

No limit to fake news, misinformation, weak retractions, insults to one of our closest allies… and utilization of “one of the most ‘respected’ sources of information in the USA, Fox News” as to give international-vital information?

The White House, if not its inhabitant, should take much better care of deciding who they are dealing with. Not perfect, who is, but Sweden is one of the most civilized-advanced countries in the world, a country that has always valued civil society over any other values. Of course, even Sweden has in its interiors, rotten apples of the fake news-extreme-right, white-supremacist type, which traditionally have created havoc, including the assassination of one of the most recognized heads of government in the whole world, Mr. Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister in the 197-80s. But such rotten apples should not be utilized as models and sources of serious information at the highest level of the government, elected, non-elected and somewhere in between, of the USA. It is shameful and at times even comical if it were not so tragic.


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