Book.Google     My review – Edit review      “A little slow & cheesy in the middle but overall I enjoyed it”, says a reviewer in Goodreads. The cheesiness is mostly in the first dialogue between Sofia, the college girl, and Low, the cowboy. But still one wonders what happens next and how the characters unite. Let us see! Or better still, let us hear, as I have followed the book drop by drop in NPR’ Radio Reader (always superb, by the way). And I heard and saw, because, I confess, I could not stand the intrigue, so I exposed myself to a new experience that resulted in what is a great idea: I obtained a review and analysis on the book: The Longest Ride: by Nicholas Sparks — Analysis [Kindle Edition] Expert Book Reviews (Author), available in eBook version, only, which incidentally may be synchronized with the audio book. Yes, that gave rise to a spoiler but that I thoroughly enjoyed. Actually with this multi-prong approach I have enjoyed the book much more and passed the “cheesiness”. 

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