DISCLAIMER: I have met Dr. MONTAGNIER personally, visited with him at the Pasteur Institute and defended him within NIH even though in my effort to do that I had to take a position against Robert Gallo the super emperor of HIV within NIH. I was right as MONTAGNIER was right, and later the two of them made peace through the efforts of many of us that believed in their mutual greatness, and accepted to accept their sometimes strange behaviors.
A great scientist in his own right and time who has however since suffered of what other prestigious scientists have suffered in their latter years: some call it “pathological science”. He has moved into areas that are not his areas, i.e. Electromagnetism, eliciting other scientist to very seriously worry about his methods and mental stability.
<<He described the paper as “one of the more unprofessional write-ups I’ve ever run across”, and criticized the publication process as having an “unbelievable turnaround” time: “another suspicious sign are the dates. This paper was submitted on 3 January 2009, revised on 5 January 2009, and accepted on 6 January 2009”, leading him to ask: “Who reviewed this, the author’s mother? Maybe someone even closer. Guess who the chairman of the editorial board is: Luc Montagnier.”[31]>>
The former comment had to do with some of his Montagnier’s developments, and to the fact that he has moved himself to China, to a university that lets him do his own thing like creating his own journal and his own “peer evaluation” committee with himself as presiding officer. He has decided to jump unto disparaging ideas like becoming anti-vaccination (this one I cannot forgive him for), and complicated undefined ideas like his conspiracy theories on the Corona19 virus.


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