#2020’Plandemic’ conspiracy video removed by Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo – The Washington Post

My take on this [below, Plandemic, Judy Mikovitz, etc.] controversy. As it happens with good scientists that become rogue, there are many interesting points in her ideas and stories. What I cannot forgive Judy Micovitz for is her anti-vaccine (Anti-Vax) stand that has killed so many children. Yes, vaccines have had some horrid stories behind them but they are the difference between medieval and modern medicine. Even younger generations, not to say mine, suffered terribly by diseases that are nowadays almost 100% disappeared and preventable thanks to vaccination. Former generations had, as I had, classmates suffering of polio, whipping cough, measles, even chicken pox that our children did not have to face: until this stupidity of AntiVax, came in and thanks to them all of these diseases are criminally being brought back. We have measles outbreaks in our USA universities!!!! Anti polio-vacciners are being killed in Pakistan! Polio was well in its way to full control until the stupidity of AntiVax took over. Part of Mikovitz’s HAIDS stories are true, there was an almost mortal fight between Larry Kramer and Anthony Fauci (remember that I worked directly under him); but nowadays Kramer calls Fauci “the only true and great hero among government officials in the AIDS crisis.[1].  And yes, after billions of dollars there is no reliable vaccine against HAIDS.  Mikovitz was jailed because of accusation of misappropriation of documents. She was released after 5 days. Her scientific papers have been now decried by the famous journals that published them. Her videos have been removed from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. At times victim? Perhaps. But she has been so wrong and damaging in so many points, particularly the AntiVax, and also right in some others, that she brought upon herself to be silenced… Her confusing mixture of truths and absurdities remains even nowadays including COVID19. Her point of view, respectable physicians are presented in the video expressing the same, with respect to excessive isolation and over-masking of younger people,  I happen to agree with. On the other hand her support of antimalarial drugs, effective against malaria but very toxic in themselves, is unconscionable and absurd. It brings her close to the stupidity of Trump himself. … and that is also unforgivable.

In summary, yes, interesting ideas perverted by terribly bad ones.

‘Plandemic’ conspiracy video removed by Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo – The Washington Post


PS: I worked at NIAID under Fauci’s directorship, but not under her because her rank at the time would have put me as her equal or superior, but mostly because she did not work at NIH as a proper career scientist. No matter what, and even if she raised some valid points, she becomes unreliable by having moved to exaggeration and conspiracy.

Manuel J. Torres-Anjel DVM PhD

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